About Castor Abbott

Since 2016 we’ve been a leading provider of sales, marketing, and consulting to Financial Advisors, Firm Owners, Fund Managers, and Large Enterprises. The foundation of our work is called Trust StackingTM

Trust StackingTM

Based on academic and clinical research conducted at the University of Southern California, Arizona State University, and Harvard University, we mapped the science of decision making to a sequence of touch points along the buyer’s journey.
The goal was to see how we could enable our clients to develop trust quickly and efficiently over the internet with a market that involved high stakes...Working with and managing other people’s money.
Then we put it to the test. In the hands of our clients, this methodology has generated over $1B in assets gathered and growing since its initial release in 2017.
After its initial validation we have applied this methodology to all types of client focused businesses in financial services and outside.

Who we work with

We help independant financial advisors, firm owners, fund managers, and large enterprises build new client acquisition systems.

How we got here

  • In 2016, after selling his software company QWASI, Mark Ford (our founder) started testing a new method of attracting clients over the internet.  Using this simple method our first clients signed on in October.

  • By April of 2017, the company was doing over $100K/month in revenue proving the Trust StackingTM method.  From $0 - $7 Figure run rate in under 7 months.

  • By 2020 the company had served over 700 clients.

  • COVID - We helped hundreds of clients continue to grow their businesses using our proven virtualization process...Some clients loved it so much, they closed their formal offices and are growing even faster while achieving a better work-life balance.

  • Today, Castor Abbott has expanded it’s service and product lines to include agency work and new client programs to help our clients continue to win online.

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