The local Little League championship game happened the other day.

For five and a half innings, the A’s smoked the Rangers. Heading into the bottom of the final inning, it was 14-8 in favor of the A’s. Just three routine outs and this one would be in the books.

A few runners got on base. One by one they scored and the gap lessened to 14-13.

You know where this is going. You’ve probably seen the movie version 10 times. Except this was real. And it was playing out for boys ages 8-10 with their anxious and frenzied parents cheering them on from the other side of the fence.

Here we go…

Two outs. The runner on 3rd represented the tying run. The runner on 2nd represented the game winner.

Next batter hits a line drive into the outfield.

Base hit. Rangers’ runner at 3rd scores easily to tie the game, 14-14.

Third base coach waves the runner at 2nd –who is also the smallest kid on the team.

As he chugs home, the relay throw comes in.

The throw beats him.

There’s going to be a collision between the smallest kid on the field and the all-star A’s catcher.


Both boys go down hard before the runner can cross home plate.

The ball pops out.

The A’s catcher scrambles for the ball.

The Rangers player flips onto his stomach and literally crawls toward home base. If he can touch home, the Rangers will win the championship, 15-14, in a stunning, 7-run last licks comeback.

At the same time, the catcher grabs the ball and quickly applies the tag.

The ump’s call-

That’s it right there.

That moment.

Field clean up back in March. Infield drills and batting practice in the cold spring. Rainouts and makeup games. Strikeouts and walks. Errors and double plays. Driving back and forth. Hitting the batting cages an hour before first pitch. Uniforms, cups, and baseball bags. Reviewing defensive situations in the field. Reading the base coaches’ signs. Bunts and steals. Tears from being hit by wild pitches. Sweat. Effort. Laughter. Teamwork. Fun.

All of this combined came down to one moment. A matter of inches.

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Was all that preparation enough? No matter. It all came down to the ump’s call at that one moment…

There is so much to glean from that Little League scenario.

We want to tell our kids that perseverance and hard work pay off. But for the losing team, does that hold true? Could the coaches have done any more to prepare the players? Would one more swing at the plate during BP have made the difference? Or one more throw from the outfield?

Most likely not.

So is it fate? Or luck? Or chance?

That doesn’t satisfy the intellect either.

The reality is that there are many aspects of life outside of our control. With that in mind, we MUST do our best in the areas we CAN control.

Think of your business. You can’t control the economy. You can’t force potential clients to choose you as their financial advisor. You can’t prevent accidents, global population trends, or unexpected health issues.

What can you do then? Why even bother?

That type of negative self-talk can cripple a business. Fortunately, there IS hope. Read on…

At this point in the game for you, you may be maxed out. You have hit a ceiling, a wall, or a plateau. Networking and referrals, the “necessary evils” of the business, are a grind. Your ideal clients are just beyond your grasp. If only you can reach them with your core message. Then you’d be able to turn the corner…

Or maybe you’re not even sure what your core message is at this point. Or what your niche is. Or even what your ideal client looks like.

Whatever the case, there is an answer for your practice.

This moment –this crossroads for your business, is why we got into the financial advisor space in the first place.

All we need from you is the decision to move forward and your effort from that point forward. You know who we are and what we offer. But for some reason, you have been hesitant about moving forward.

I would love to discuss any objections or concerns with you at your convenience. Book a call here to do so.

But for those of you operating at max effort but still finding no traction, let Castor Abbott provide the missing piece of the puzzle. It’s really a simple formula:

Your Effort + Our Method = Unprecedented Growth

We have put in the research and legwork on cultivating a program that will allow you to grow and scale your business, taking it to new heights.

Oh, and before I forget, you probably want to know the ump’s call from the Little League Championship.

Sometimes, a picture tells a better story than words:

Home plate is home plate, no matter how you get there.

Whether you see yourself as the #9 batter or the cleanup hitter, you can always do MORE to grow and scale your business. Swing for the fences and check out our free training to get started:

Mark Ford Shares how to get 10, 20, even 30 new client appointments every month, using facebook