About Us


While running an advertising agency, Mark Ford partnered with a couple of local financial advisors. During this period, Mark developed the theory behind Trust Stacking™ -to build trust for financial professionals in order to shorten the timeline for client acquisition.


Mark started testing his new Trust Stacking™ method and started seeing results. In fact, the results were so promising, he sold his advertising agency to his business partner. He then formed Castor Abbott LLC in October and onboarded his first clients in December.


The first version of Trust Stacking™ garnered over 100 new financial advisors in the first year of Castor Abbott’s existence. Mark continued to make improvements on his model.


V2.0 of Trust Stacking™ is released, as major iterations allowed client results to increase exponentially.

Today, Castor Abbott is a multi-million dollar company serving hundreds of clients and leading the financial services industry in digital advertising, sales process, and consulting in order to allow our clients to generate consistent and predictable growth.