Am I the only one who hates noisy bars?

Out with friends. Good.

Wings and nachos. Great.

Craft beer. Even better.

Annoying cover band playing so loudly that I can’t hear what my buddies are saying? Night ruined.

And it’s not because I’m getting old, so don’t start.

Just not my idea of a good time. All that background noise and commotion makes me want to quit and go home –or at least somewhere else.

Reminds me in a way of our lives as Americans.

You can probably relate. We encounter a whirlwind of messages from all different mediums. And most of those messages are unsolicited or off the mark at best.

But it’s the sheer volume of information that’s truly staggering.

For example:

Each day 74 TRILLION emails are sent. The average person receives 88 emails EACH DAY. (

There are 6 BILLION texts sent each day in the United States. That’s 16 million texts a minute. Each adult receives over 35 texts a day. Notice I said “adult.” Add in users under 18 and that number skyrockets. Even still, the average American adult spends 23 hours a WEEK texting!!! That’s almost a whole day each week! (

The average Facebook user spends 50 minutes a day on its platforms. That’s almost as much time spent eating and drinking each day (67 minutes). That’s 1/16 of our waking time spent on Facebook! (NY Times)

In total, the average American puts in 10 hours a day of screen time. That leaves less than five hours of our waking time to do everything else. (CNN)

If your job as a financial advisor isn’t challenging enough, you have to forge through that swamp of noise and stand out to your prospective clients.

To continue on the noisy bar theme, it’s like the Cocktail Party Effect, one of the many amazing abilities of our human brains.

If you’re at a noisy party, conference, sporting event, or bar, you are somehow able to focus on the person you’re talking to and effectively tune out all that other noise. Your brain still perceives the clutter, but you can essentially turn down or tune out the volume on the unimportant stimuli and focus on the person you’re conversing with.

This Cocktail Party Effect is EXACTLY what you need to provide for your potential clients.

You are a social media and screen user yourself. You know the endless barrage of advertisements, hype, promotions, sales, offers, deals, and pitches that assault your mind from when the alarm goes off in the morning until you fade off to sleep later that night.

And we’ve become quite adept at tuning out the vast majority of that information.

So how do you as a financial advisor stand apart from the noise?

How do you get people’s attention?

How do you earn their trust?

How do you prove –in the few seconds of attention they’re willing to give your message- that YOU are THE financial advisor for their needs?

It’s a daunting task, but it’s not impossible.

And I know the answer.

Need proof?

You’re reading this now, aren’t you? I was able to cut through the noise and get Castor Abbott’s message to you.

How did I do that?

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