Sipping tea the other day, it dawned on me that tea bags have become the new fortune cookie.

In addition to enjoying a nice ginger with chamomile blend, you can get hit with some knowledge on the little paper tab attached by string to the tea bag.

Believe it or not, the one I read the other day was creepily in line with a growing problem we’ve been having in our business. It read,

“What belongs to you shall come to you.”

Coincidentally, we’ve been finding more and more people copying our ads, message to the market, strategy, and process.

As our team discussed how to handle the issue –from ignoring it, to cordially but firmly bringing it to their attention and asking them to quit it, to all-out nuclear obliteration via a negative SEO assault- the situation revealed a few key principles…

  1. We have arrived.

As one of our clients put it, that’s how you know you’ve made it, “when you start to get haters and copy cats.” A backhanded compliment by the haters actually proves our message is in alignment with the market and our process works.

  1. You can’t fake great.

We have put in years of research and legwork to cultivate a program that will allow financial advisors to grow and scale their business, taking it to new heights. Some aspects of our program can be imitated, but can never –sorry if I sound like a fortune cookie- be duplicated. 

  1. What belongs to you shall come to you.

One of the copycats was a former client of ours. He mimicked our program and offered it to clients at a cut-rate price. It turns out he received in return exactly what he put out. One of the people who bought into his program slammed it for being a waste of money and ended up signing up with us in the end.


In light of these points, we decided to just let nature takes its course. Looks like it will work itself out on its own. We’ll just keep producing quality content and providing top-notch service for our clients and let the results be our measuring stick.


A key component of our program is helping financial advisors present their brand to potential clients as reputable and trustworthy sources of financial planning and advice. We operate with integrity and only work with those who strive to do the same.

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