They need your help.

78% of American workers live paycheck to paycheck.

…Came across that stat in an article on CareerBuilder. And these, too…

25% do not set aside any savings each month.

Nearly 75% are in debt today… and more than 50% think they will never get out of debt.

A ton of people fit that profile to a T right now. Today.

Even more troubling is that there are millions of Americans who need the help of a financial services professional – to assist them with saving, taxes, pensions, Social Security, investing, planning, and creating a vision for their future that’s not quite so bleak… and yet so many industry professionals have difficulty acquiring new clients.

That fits the dictionary definition of “Disconnect” to a T.

Okay, so there are tons of people who need help with their finances.

And we have an abundance of professionals equipped to provide that help.


This is a systemic problem in the way financial advisors go about acquiring new clients.

I mean systemic in regard to scale and in that it affects all aspect of the buying cycle… from messaging to marketing & advertising to sales process to conversion.

It’s in the numbers. Millions of people are simply not getting the message –or getting the wrong message.

There is a way to do this right.

I’ve already done the hard work of field testing and creating a proof of concept, streamlining and dialing it in, and helping scores of our clients get results through this process.

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