What They’re Saying

We revolutionize the way financial services and other businesses attract and convert their ideal clients. Our success has been driven by our desire to simply help our clients achieve the greatness they are all capable of.

The Case Studies

``1.5M in new AUM in just over a week``
``Closed $500K Annuity off our first Webinar``
``$15M in new AUM so far this year...We are going to double our business in two years or less``

What Clients Are Saying

Capital Endurance Group
Was frustrated that we do a great job with our clients but if more people don't find out about it, we won't grow.
Paul Delaney

McCain & Associates of Ohio, LLC
You will not find a more innovative or more attentive group of people to work with anywhere.
Erica McCain

New York Life
Without help, I wasn't sure if I would be able to stay in the industry.
Tom Howard

Asset Guidance Group
Working with Mark has been great. He provides a weekly forum (at least) that is recorded for later playback. Mark has laid out a step-by-step easy to follow program which has put me in charge of my social media marketing.
Wallace Nichols

McBeath Financial Group
Castor Abbott has a systematic approach to utilizing digital marketing to produce quality leads.
Robert McBeath

Ferrin Capital
It is easily scalable so there are not really any limits to where we can take our message
JT Ferrin
Bussenger Financial Group
Mark has been very easy to work with, very accessible. Mark really knows his stuff, the way he has laid out the video tutorials with pdf’s has really helped us get our ad almost completed.
Terry Bussenger
Taylor Morgan Capital Management
Fantastic product – everything is laid out, one step after the other. And the support via email, calls, Q&A is key. Also great to get to see results to keep me driving to get my targeting and automation dialed in. Thanks, Mark, et al!
Daniel Taylor
Newbridge Wealth Management
Castor Abbott has been a true partner in helping us refine our marketing strategy and target the individuals that could really benefit from our services.
Vincent R Barbera
Aquilant Advisors
Not just a cookie-cutter result that you get but really a robust process that you go through that gets the clients that you like to work with coming to you.
Moshe Kopolow
Statera Wealth
The sales and marketing help has been incredible…. It is a lot of work but like anything good it usually requires work.
Tony Christensen
Miller Tau Financial Group
Mark Ford and the Castor Abbott team are a rarity — they are one of the only marketing teams for advisors that I see are actually getting results. Their method is logical and makes sense, and I’m anxious to complete our Scaling Up program to generate consistent leads.
Rebecca Miller
Mccormick Investments & Estate Planning
I was impressed by how they could target me on Facebook even though I rarely use Facebook and have nothing about being a financial advisor on my page.
Steven McCormick
United Planners
I needed a track to run on….Now I have one
Tony Ristaino
Citadel Financial
Great Training
Kevin Goodwin


Woodfield Financial Advisors
Highly recommend Castor Abbott! Great structure, excellent advice, and very knowledgeable people.
Martin Konsor

Sweeney Wealth Management Group
We have grown by 25-30% this past year...and we have just scratched the surface with what we can do.
Eric Sweeney

Privada Wealth
Castor Abbot and Scaling Up has forced us to get out of the dark ages. The thing that has impacted our practice most significantly at this point is using technology to automate and personalize our interactions with prospects and clients.
Rey Descalso

LPL Financial
I signed up so I no longer had to share my leads with other advisors.
Mark Lebovitz

Walton Capital Growth Advisers
Best Sales and Marketing Training On The Market. PERIOD!
James Zerilli

Redstone Financial Group
Very informative. A lot of information that is easy to digest.
Winn Greenwood

We Help Our Clients Grow

When you start playing at another level

When you move $400K on your first campaign

Whats one idea worth to your business

Awesome is as awesome does

Anyone else want $2K a month from their first client?


When you actually help instead of sell

When other marketers know what we do is not like everything else out there

- Week 2 was better than my MBA!

They trust us