Is it fair to say that business professionals who are satisfied with their income, have freedom to decide how they spend their time, and operate out of a deep sense of purpose are on the fast track to happy lives?

Safe bet, right?

Humans tend to live up to or down to their beliefs about themselves and others.

Look at the concept of the self-fulfilling prophecy, where people have expectations of others’ behaviors and then act in a way to evoke that behavior, thus making the “prophecy” come true. Your new coworker looks shy, so you don’t
talk much to her, thus confirming your prediction that she’s shy. Stereotypes work this way.

Labeling theory is also a good example. People labeled as deviant often act in ways that make that label “true” about them. For instance, underage drinking is common. But young Billy often “goes too far,” blacking out at parties and getting in drunken fights regularly. Because they are embarrassed by his wild behavior, his friends stop hanging out with him. Billy then spends more time with people who tend to drink heavily like him. His deviant behavior is reinforced, causing more deviant behavior from him and offering further “proof” to his old friends that he’s “no good.”

Words are powerful. Countless counseling sessions involve therapists trying to convince their patients that the negative and hurtful words spoken to them in their past are untrue.

One troubled middle school student is told by his exasperated teacher that he’ll end up in jail one day. He takes that as a challenge, buries himself in books, avoids the temptations and pitfalls of teenage life, and graduates from college, well on his way to becoming an upstanding citizen.

Another hears the same message and is buried by those words. He drops out of school, tries to make an honest living for a time, is lured into making a quick buck through crime, and eventually ends up in jail –just like his teacher predicted years earlier.

Words are powerful…

So, what words are swarming around in your head?

What lies are you believing about yourself?

How did they get there?

Chances are, some of these negative thoughts are holding you back in business and in life.

Take a second to clear your mind of those negative thoughts and focus on 3 questions instead:

1. How much do you want to be earning?
Think of a number. What amount would change the game for you? Now write it down. Display it prominently or stick it in a drawer. Just put it somewhere so that you’ll see it often.

2. What do you want your daily life to look like?
Flexible. Done with work by noon. Relaxing on a beach. Playing with your kids. Whatever. On any given day, what do you want your life to look like?

3. What is your driving force in life?
Creating something. Helping those in need. Leaving a legacy. Passing on a thriving business to future generations. Becoming famous. Or something else.

With your mind firmly set on the answers to these 3 questions, I want to throw one more question your way.

***What is stopping you from having all three of those answers come true for you?
Most people allow negative thoughts to take over and then sadly quit before they’re even started. Don’t be like those people. Fight off those negative voices that are probably chirping in your head once again and focus.

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