…by the grammar police.

I had a very interesting conversation via email with an advisor who was on the fence about signing up with us. Take a look…

Advisor: The lack of proper grammar here is unprofessional. It makes it difficult to justify digest paying you for guidance!

Me: It’s true. The grammar police have a warrant out for my arrest. If that stops you from taking a closer look… 🙁

Advisor: To be honest, it does deter me from inquiring about paying for marketing when the so-called expert hasn’t done a grammar check.

Me: I am not judging what is keeping you from taking the next step. If my spelling or grammatical errors cause you to pump the brakes, that is 100% ok.

To be clear, paying us is not the end goal – or even the next step. At this point, the next step is a discovery call to see if or how we can help. We don’t take the position that we can (or want to) help everyone.

I recommend our clients write their core message. My team and I certainly help, but grammar has never been a strength of mine. I do have plenty of other strengths that have helped me to overcome that obvious weakness.

The grammar checker sometimes moves too slowly, but…I recently hired a new staff member to help me improve some of our communication. We will work on it so we hopefully can overcome this point of friction in our messaging.

It might help you to see what others are saying about us:


This advisor did not move forward.

While I understand the concerns expressed during this extremely pleasant conversation, the big picture is that we have helped dozens of our clients clarify their message to the market, create a system to target their ideal clients, and automate that process.

Like I said, I’m not perfect. We all have our shortcomings. But these should not limit us from taking the necessary steps to move forward and change the things that aren’t broken. Life is about moving toward a destination, expecting mistakes, and course-correcting as needed.

In this case, our results far outweigh some instances of bad grammar.

I will continue to venture forward boldly, even though my grammar can certainly be gooder better.

Hope you are willing to take that journey, too. If so, take a look at some free training we prepared for you below.

Yours from grammar jail,


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