I was talking with a prospect today. He compared our team at Castor Abbott to a group of lifeguards standing on the side of the pool. Great analogy.

I agreed and told him that the only way to learn how to swim is to get in the pool. We are not simply here to make sure our clients don’t drown, however. Our aim is to teach them how to swim laps faster than they could on their own.

Most people never get in the pool. They talk about it. They see others getting into the pool. But when faced with actually getting into the pool, they think, “No. That’s too much of a risk.”

Some get in the pool and rely on the dog paddle. It seems easier than those fancy strokes swimmers use. And it keeps your head above water. Barely. But it’s comfortable. There’s no risk in comfortable, right?

You know better.

To keep on doing what you’ve always been doing but expecting things to change for the better. That’s risky.

Not having your message where your would-be clients can see it and take action on it. Risky.

Letting your revenue decline by death and attrition. Risky.

Relying on someone else to come up with your core message to the market. Risky.

Outsourcing your marketing to a company who doesn’t generate business the way they are telling you to get business. Risky.

On one hand, investing in education seems risky. On the other hand, as my dad always said, it’s the best investment there is. 

I value education, and that’s one of the reasons I hire the best teachers out there to further my own development as a professional. In fact, I spend about $50,000 per year with coaches and consultants to remain at the top of my game so that my clients can also stay at the top of theirs.

Do you practice the same in your business?

Do you want your clients to make decisions quickly –yet, when faced with a decision you tend to want to “think it over?”

Do you know in your head that those who act decisively and “jump into the pool” are the ones who are most successful, but you just can’t seem to do so yourself?

Do you position your brand as a cutting-edge source of expertise in the financial advisor space and yet rely on outdated training from your past to guide your advice when meeting with clients?

Essentially, what you do in one area of your life will impact all other areas. For instance, if you are slow to make decisions, your potential clients will do the same thing.  Or, if you invest in yourself, others will invest in you. And so on.

This is your chance to jump into the deep end. Remember, like your own team of lifeguards, we are here to watch you and teach you to lap your competitors. Click below for some free training to get started…


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