The ONE way to get clients

Everybody wants to get clients quickly and predictably. And pretty much everybody knows the internet is one of the best places to reach them…We also know that if you can

The Marketing Secret She Doesn’t Want Other Financial Professionals To Know About…

…And How It Has Completely Turned Her Business Around. After frustration over having to create “emergency” retirement plans for clients ages 55 and up, Lara decided to change her approach

Don’t Check Your Feelings at the Door

When I went off to college as a young lad, a mentor warned me, “Don’t check your brain at the door.” Great advice. College freshman can be awed by university

A Guarantee

“Cut to the chase. What’s your guarantee?” “I won’t pay a dime without a guarantee.” “This sounds too good to be true. What type of guarantee do you offer if

They Need Your Help

They need your help. 78% of American workers live paycheck to paycheck. …Came across that stat in an article on CareerBuilder. And these, too… 25% do not set aside any


Pattern/Interrupted Remember Blockbuster video? I do. They were a big part of my life back in college. But my kids have never heard of them. You know who they have

What Belongs To You Shall Come To You

Sipping tea the other day, it dawned on me that tea bags have become the new fortune cookie. In addition to enjoying a nice ginger with chamomile blend, you can

Do You Laugh or Applaud? It’s All About Context

It was an honest mistake, but I still felt horrible. Recently, I was home hanging out with my boys. Baseball was on TV in the background. During the ceremonial first

Crawling Home

The local Little League championship game happened the other day. For five and a half innings, the A’s smoked the Rangers. Heading into the bottom of the final inning, it

Nobody Puts Baby in a Carseat

Man, you look terrible. I didn’t say that to my good friend, but I definitely thought it. We were out to lunch. It was his first “grownup time” out since