Crawling Home

The local Little League championship game happened the other day. For five and a half innings, the A’s smoked the Rangers. Heading into the bottom of the final inning, it

Nobody Puts Baby in a Carseat

Man, you look terrible. I didn’t say that to my good friend, but I definitely thought it. We were out to lunch. It was his first “grownup time” out since

The Protein Shake Epiphany

Last month, I bought a 4-pack of protein shakes from a store you all know very well. 42 grams of protein per pre-mixed cardboard carton. Sign me up for that.

The Best Investment a Financial Advisor can Make

I was talking with a prospect today. He compared our team at Castor Abbott to a group of lifeguards standing on the side of the pool. Great analogy. I agreed

Don’t kill your business over soccer cleats

We’ve all been here before: Driving in rush hour traffic. A car cuts in front of you without signaling. You have to jam on your brakes to avoid a collision.

Digging in the wrong spot?

“They’re digging in the wrong spot!” You remember the scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark, when the poor monkey is poisoned by “bad dates” meant for Indy. At that

You are Just Part of the Noise

Am I the only one who hates noisy bars? Out with friends. Good. Wings and nachos. Great. Craft beer. Even better. Annoying cover band playing so loudly that I can’t

Say Goodbye to the Pain

Some of my posts push people’s buttons a bit. So, if you’re a smoker, please don’t take offense to this post; I’m not picking on you. Much of the framework

Are you prepared?

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” -Abe Lincoln Preparation. As I write this, it’s baseball season. After

Lies You Believe

Is it fair to say that business professionals who are satisfied with their income, have freedom to decide how they spend their time, and operate out of a deep sense