How A Former Engineer and A Search Engine Master
Cracked The Code On Building Trust With Clients Before They Ever Meet or Speak To You

The phone rang….I picked it up…”Hi My name is Rich and I was referred to you by Greg, I need some help with my marketing and advertising, can you help?”
“Of course” was my answer but in hindsight it should have been “probably no”.

At the time I was running a rapidly growing sales and advertising consultancy working with service based businesses. I had developed a digital advertising and sales system to help generate predictable and scalable revenue in my clients businesses.

When I first started working with Rich and his firm a few years ago I had no idea it would lead me here. It was never really the plan. In fact, when we first got started my system didn’t work for them. It didn’t even work a little bit. It was a train wreck if I am being honest.

Thats not to say that the approach was wrong, it was more about not understanding todays investors and what it takes to get them as a client.
After bringing on a partner to help solve the problem and weeks of late nights fueled by espresso and potato chips, we cracked the code. Through tedious market research we made some not so obvious discoveries which laid the foundation for our program and service. We have since quietly implemented this system across multiple clients and multiple industries and it works like a top.

Sales Training

For the past 20 I have have been consulting and selling products and services ranging in size from 5-7 figures. One thing I have seen that has made a significant impact on my income and my clients is matching qualified prospects with with an offer or service that helps them solve a problem or need. In the absence of this it’s just wasting time. Truth is, I got tired of hearing “let me think about it” or “let me get back to you”.

I decided there was probably a better way. After years of study and training with some of the best in the industry, I discovered there is. From the knowledge and experience I acquired, I developed a sales system for service based businesses that completely shifts the conversation from trying to impress the client to qualifying and disqualifying them. I have used this in my business and have been teaching this to my clients for the past several years with surprising results.

Marketing and Advertising

Chad has been running a 7 figure search engine optimization and marketing business for the past 15 years and has helped build well known brands that no one had heard of before working with him. There is an art and science to getting marketing and advertising to work…Chad is both an artist and a scientist. We decided to join forces years ago working on a few projects together from time to time. Chad is one of the best in the industry and is bringing his expertise to clients in the financial services industry.

Results Focused

We have helped hundreds of businesses across multiple industries and now we are working and training a select few advisors and firms how to implement our advanced sales and marketing systems to generate consistent and predictable growth.

If this is something you are looking for, we invite you to apply here.

In our work with Financial Advisors, the initial goal is to determine their professional and personal goals. We help them flesh out these prospects and assist them on the formulation of a game plan that will allow hope to become reality. Some key discussion points include:

-­‐The number of meetings needed each week
-­‐The number of clients needed
-­‐The best way to acquire these ideal clients
-­‐The cost of acquiring new clients
-­‐The timeframe of the plan
-­‐The team members and connections required to be successful
-­‐The resources and knowledge needed to succeed
-­‐The most effective method of communicating with clients.

The answers to the outline above will serve as the foundation of the business, sales strategy, and fulfillment of the life goals listed earlier by the Financial Advisors.

If this sounds like a missing component of your business, we invite you to apply for a strategy session. During this call, we will help you formulate an actionable plan so you can finally achieve the professional, financial, and personal peace of mind that was always previously just out of reach.