“Cut to the chase. What’s your guarantee?”

“I won’t pay a dime without a guarantee.”

“This sounds too good to be true. What type of guarantee do you offer if I don’t get results?”

From time to time, I get these types of questions and comments when we’re running a live webinar or advertising to prospects.

The mindset is this: “If your offering is so good, you should prove it with a guarantee. That way, if it doesn’t work, I have nothing to lose.”

Notice the broken thinking: If it doesn’t work…

My problem with a guarantee is the mindset behind it. Before the process has even begun, the prospect is already considering failure as a likely possibility.

In cases like that, the self-fulfilling prophecy often kicks in. People behave in a way that won’t yield results –whether it’s not putting in the work, not engaging the community, not following the program’s recommendations, not attending our twice-weekly support calls, etc.- and so they don’t get results.

At this point, the blame is shifted to our team.

This part always leaves me scratching my head.

So you signed up for an implementation program? ✅

And you didn’t do the work? ✅

Our team made ourselves available throughout the week and gave our time and resources to help you? ✅

But you didn’t take advantage of that? ✅

And the responsibility falls on my shoulders? ❌


Usually, people who are hung up on guarantees make bad clients. Often, they are not responsible within their businesses and blame others for their failures.

So if not offering a guarantee is a deal-breaker for a prospect, I don’t sweat it; we’re probably better off in the end anyway.

The goal is to work with clients you want to work with, not to chase deals or take on clients because they’re willing to pay even when you know it’s going to be an ongoing headache.

Some people simply aren’t a good fit. Fortunately, our system allows us to control the process.

We offer this system to our clients, as well. If you would like to have more control over the types of prospects you attract/only work with your ideal clients, please check out the free training below:

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